the wine farm
Podere Montale

The winery, entirely in organic conversion, produces high quality wines using artisanal methods, combined with the dynamism of a young and inventive management.

Value for the territory.

The Estate includes the vineyards, the wine cellar with the Wine Store, and the Borgo: an old rustic farmhouse dating back to the 1600s, finely renovated, now used as a holiday farm with swimming pool, to offer our guests the opportunity to experience fantastic farmhouse holidays in Tuscany, deepening their knowledge of the world of wine and its typical flavours, and the methods of vinification and production of the most famous wines in the world.

The intention and the way we have followed in recent years is to create a well-integrated reality on a territorial and social level that can be a feather in the cap for the entire community of Seggianese and Montecucco.

The Estate is included in the Montecucco DOCG territory and is easily accessible from Florence and the main cities of Tuscany.
We are in an authentic and undiscovered territory, magnetic and in some ways mysterious.

Our aim is to enhance both geographically and socially the place where we live through a logic of mutual growth and improvement.

Value to history.

Our products come to life where the Val d’Orcia gives way to the slopes of an old volcano, Mount Amata. It beats the time of our land. The earliest testimonies of the area date back to a primitive painting in the cave of the archer dating between 5000 and 3000 BC. However, the area experienced its development with the settlement of the Etruscans. Mount Amiata, visible from all over the Etruscan territory, represents not only a dwelling place, but also a place of worship par excellence. In fact, its name seems to originate from Tiniatus, the mountain of Tinia, the most important Etruscan deity.

The soil is very suitable for the production of oil and wine, as it is located in a place that benefits from ventilation from the sea and, at the same time, from the presence of a mountain of about 1,800 metres behind it. During the summers, the long, sunny days are mitigated by a strong temperature variation at night. This climatic combination, the stony characteristic of the soils rich in marl and ancient lava compounds give our wines a distinctive freshness.

Value for Work.

The story of Podere Montale began in 2014 with Silvio Mendini. From the very beginning, his desire and ambition was to give the farm an identity of its own that would not be identified with an individual, but with the people who allow it to grow and give life to products of excellence.
In a very globalised world, we believe that our mission is to increase the quality of our products and make ourselves unique. To do this, we need to recover two fundamental values in our relationship with agriculture: trust and transparency.

The agronomic approach is skilful and careful, but we believe it is not enough. We are committed to giving back to nature what it gives us with each harvest. To do this, we apply the principles of conservation agriculture to keep the vineyard in balance with the important ecosystem of more than 50 hectares of surrounding forest. The reason is to protect the biodiversity that is typical of the natural balance. This approach allows us to have minimal impact agronomic practices.

In the year 2021 we received state contributions which can be found here: state aids