the history
of the Borgo

What is now the Winery and Agriturismo, over 400 years ago was a prosperous and industrious rural village on the slopes of Monte Amiata

4 centuries and not feeling it

The building of the Borgo dates back to the early 1600s and over time it has remained authentic, always maintaining the historical identity to which it belongs.

Following the acquisition of the property, the name Le Casacce was changed to Podere Montale | Il Borgo and major modernisation work was carried out on the interiors and common areas, always respecting the soul of the place.

There are important historical traces currently present in the Borgo:
The old public oven from the 16th century located at the crossroads of the ancient ways is still functioning.

Strolling through the ancient ways, one can admire very old olive trees, one in particular is about 2,000 years old: oil is an ancient story here, as evidenced by an olive press and a ladder for harvesting olives, both dating back to the 20th century.

After more than 400 years, we carry on this important evidence of our land, faithful to tradition, with an eye to the future.

We have made numerous innovations: viticulture that is conscious of sustainability and ecology, a supply chain that is fair and privileges the land and its inhabitants, and openness to tourism, with eco-sustainable proposals that are contrary to the logic of ‘hit and run’ tourism.

With the opening of the Wine Resort, the estate offers travellers the opportunity to stay in the area for an extended period of time, with the aim of getting to know our wines and typical products, exploring the sites of interest around us, and discovering places of lesser renown but of just as much charm and interest.

We have combined wine tourism-Wine Experiences with the possibility of sleeping in the rooms of our winery: an innovative proposal to let people enjoy and get to know the best of our land.

Excursions, guided tastings, sensory trails, and visits to the production to better understand the high quality of Italian craftsmanship and better discern future purchases, in a renewed perspective that is fairer for people and more sustainable for our planet.

Spending a holiday at Podere Montale means this: in peace and relaxation, enjoying wine and local gastronomic products, learning knowledge that will improve future purchasing experiences.