The Swimming Pool and
the Park of the Millenary Olive Trees

The farmhouse maintains an olive grove with over 1000 thousand-year-old trees, from which we produce Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The swimming pool and the rooms are immersed in the olive groves. Book your holiday now!

Podere Montale, lying on the slopes of Monte Amiata, is located in a hilly area blessed by the wind blowing from the mountain.

The estate is a vast 200-hectare property with the winery, 18 hectares of vineyards and the Il Borgo farmhouse, with rooms, suites and flats.

At the end of a day spent visiting the wineries, tasting the fine red wines of Tuscany, or taking short trips to the nearby villages of the Val d’Orcia (Montalcino, Bagno Vignoni, Castiglione d’Orcia, to name a few), guests at Podere Montale Il Borgo can relax with the benefits that our agriturismo provides.

The Parco degli Ulivi is a well-maintained and luxuriant olive grove, which grows at the Borgo, a fully renovated 17th-century rural centre, where the suites, rooms and appartements for Podere Montale guests are located.

The olive trees, over 2000, are over 1000 years old and are of the seggianese varietal, which is found exclusively in southern Tuscany.

These plants are authentic monuments: larger than average in size, they have a large, thick foliage that fills with olives during the summer. The trunk is impressive: time has forged its shape with infinite patience, creating veins, hollows, splits in the plant, which sometimes breaks into several parts.

The seggianese olive tree is a cultivar resistant to the low temperatures of the Amiata winter, which, given its distance from the Tyrrhenian Sea, often drops below zero degrees. The olive groves of Podere Montale spread between 450 and 700 metres above sea level.

The Podere Montale farm takes care of the olive trees it has inherited from past centuries, conscious of the immense natural heritage they represent: the olive trees are pruned maintaining their typical wild shape, with tall leafy crowns. Treatments are very limited, since thanks to the strong temperature range generated by the presence of Mount Amiata, the sterile and very windy conditions are not suitable for pathogenic organisms such as the dipteran, which generates the Bactrocera oleae disease.

During the summer, the small growing olives take on a red-purple colour, turning black as they ripen. Once fully ripe around the first days of November, the olives are harvested by hand, with the help of special mechanical combs and harvesting nets laid on the ground.

Within a maximum of 7 hours after harvesting (to avoid the oxidation process), the olives are taken to the Frantoio La Seggianese, a cooperative founded together with other producers in the Amiata area. The cooperative was founded with the intention of saving the last mill in the village of Seggiano, thanks to the great spirit of collaboration and love for our territory that we Seggianese know how to demonstrate.

At the mill, the olives are pressed (crushed), allowing the olive oil to flow out of the fruit. During the process, the temperature is monitored to prevent it from rising too high, which can damage the organoleptic qualities of our olive oil.

The swimming pool in the Parco degli Ulivi is available to our guests: here you can relax at the end of a day spent enjoying typical Tuscan products, tasting Podere Montale’s refined wines, getting to know the Sangiovese grapes and the others we use to make our wines, and exploring the winemaking process during a tour of the cellar.

The swimming pool is equipped with sunbeds and sunshades; each guest can enjoy a space of intimacy and privacy by choosing a position in the shade of the large olive trees in the garden.

The view from here is superb: the Val d’Orcia with the gentle silhouette of the hills of Pienza and the cypress trees that mark the way to the enchanting villages of Montalcino and Castiglione d’Orcia.

Experience the Italian “dolce vita” with a holiday at our agriturismo.